How To Change Your Hairstyles Easily

How To Change Your Hairstyles Easily

Have you ever think of changing your current hairstyles but don’t want to cut it? Most of us have immutable hairstyles for a long period of time, because they’re familiar and convenient. But sometimes, you feel bored with your hair, or there is something unsatisfied you, so you want to change it. However your confusion may be that is it worth taking the plunge to cutting or dyeing hair for a new hairstyle, and you don’t even know it will suit you or not. So you think twice about change. 

This situation is not a special but a common phenomenon among most people, you and me. But today I will give you a very easy way to change up your look and absolutely no damage to your hair or a fun color transformation, also you can change your short hair to long hair in this way. That is, wearing a hair extension, an instant solution to all your hair issues. You can choose any styles, any hair colors, any hair length or even hair volume you dreamed of before. In this blog, I’ve rounded up the popular hair extensions on the market, let’s check and choose one for you together.

1. Ombre 3 Tone Body Wave Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

The body wave hair styles is the most popular one among women, and this hair extension is dyed on the most popular three hair colors, nature black, medium brown and honey blonde. Besides, it is an unprocessed human hair weavings, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. With this additional length, volume, and even pop of color to your hair, you can easily make any simple braid, bun, or ponytail more voluminous and intricate. 

2. Dark Brown Body Wave Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

If you don’t like the hair color above, how about this dark brown body wave one. The same as the first one, it is made of 100% Brazilian hair. It is no chemical, no smell, no tangle, and no shedding. This hair extension can last for 2 years and you can dye, bleach, curl, and wash it like your own hair. If you still don’t like this color, you can click here to check our nature color one.

3. Nature Color Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

According to the orders data statistics, Brazilian hair is the most sought after hair on the market and it can blend well with all types of ethnicities. It is soft, thick and bouncy. Although it is more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but do remember you get what you pay for when purchasing human hair and the better the quality, the more you will spend. This Hair extension has other colors available like 30# brown, and 33# red brown.

4. Nature Straight Ombre Virgin Brazilian Hair Extesion

If you have short hair now, and want to have long hair, but the speed of growing to long hair may drive you crazy. Why not wear a long hair extension, and you can change it immediately. What’s more, ombre Hair Extensions are the perfect way to play around with the color of your hair with absolutely zero damage to your own hair. Enjoy the best of both worlds and instantly get the ombre look by using some ombre hair extensions. 

5. Honey Blonde Brazilian Body wave Hair Weavings

The Film The Real Blonde has received a great success, thus more and more ladies want to the blondes. This hair extension is perfect to these ladies, and you can change you previous look after weaving it. You also can wear it for a wedding, graduation, basically any and every special occasions! Achieve those dream blonde for wedding day, or get those long luscious locks you’ve been eyeing for your prom night.

Human hair extensions are the best option if you want the most natural appearance that can be styled and cleansed as usual. While some of these may not look like something you would normally prefer, surely there are some styles that do appeal to you that you've never tried. Or you can enter our gallry for more styles and more colors hair extensions. We encourage you to try different styles and have fun with it! 

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