How to Choose Hair Extensions

How to Choose Hair Extensions

“Every time when I saw someone who has a head of soft and thick hair, how I wish I could have such hair volume, or even half of it. I tried many ways to grow more hair, but finally they all turned out to be failures. My hair is too thin to change my hairstyles, and it looks weird and old. But I think I’m not alone, there are so many people in similar situation. But one day, I found magical products that can solve my trouble, that is human hair extensions. I really love these products, and they just like my angel. Now, I have many hair extensions for any occasion.” Lily said.

Lily is a 20 year-old girl, also a fan of our Heartley. As she said, I believe many people have such or other hair troubles. But wearing hair extensions can achieve all your demands. OK, first you should know what hair extensions are. Hair extensions definition is a piece of hair that is added to people’s own hair for different purposes. For example, for girls who can’t wait to grow up a full head of long hair, or they can’t grow up thick hair volume, hair extensions can be a fabulous solution. Or people wear new hair extensions to raise their charm at some situation such as wedding party, celebrate party. 

For those who choose suitable hair extensions first time, you may be confused. The first thing you should know clearly is what is aimed at having a hair extension. Now I will give you some choices according to most people’s purpose.

1. Body Wave Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

People who want much hair volume prefer to choose wave style, or curly style, because these styles can more thick hair look. This hair extension has been the reigning champion for years! And this is by far the most popular hair extensions curl pattern on the market now and past. Also, it is not only a thin hair solution, but a versatile pattern, for it can easily be straightened or curled, cut or colored. 

2. Indian Remy Deep Wave Hair Extensions   

If you want to buy a quality human extension, Indian remy hair extensions are perfect. Indian remy hair extensions are made by using the highest quality real virgin hair. They can retain the outer cuticle layer intact of hair, at the same time, allow them to reflect more lights for a real luxurious sheen. This extension can fulfill your dream of glossy, glamorous long hair without having to wait and can be used for a permanent look or temporarily for a big event or a season.

3. Silky Straight Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Extensions

OK, if you are finding something which will never go out of style, buy straight hair extensions. Either will offering Brazilian silky straight hair extensions in your salon or online store. When has straight hair not been popular? Because there are so many ways to cut and style as your own hair. The most popular lengths of the straight hair vary because of all the different straight hairstyles woman are wearing. Most clients will want the shorter lengths 10-14” while others may want long lengths 24” and up, but no matter which hair lengths you want, we will try best to satisfy your need.

4. Nature Straight Brazilian Human Hair Clip In Extensions

This type can be the most convenient hair extension on the market, Due to the features of east installation and fast removal, it becomes very popular. These hair extensions are perfect for achieving your dream hair style. You can even purchase a full headset for replicating the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity. Clip in hair extensions requires very less maintenance. They do not cause breakage or thinning of your original hair. They are gentler because they do not sit permanently on your head, and come with myriad benefits. 

People still would make hair color or others as standards, but it's up to you. No matter which hair extensions you choose, we recommend you to choose extensions made from human hair not synthetic hair. Synthetic hair extensions are usually cheaper than real hair extensions, but the texture of the former can almost never match up with the latter one.

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