How to Take Good Care of Your Extensions

How to Take Good Care of Your Extensions

We all know that hair extensions are wonderful and easy to make hairstyles. But if you don’t take good care of it, it won’t take long to buy a new one replace it. A long-lived and fabulous look depends on how well you take care of your hair extensions. Hair extensions can meet all your demands of hairstyles, and in return, they need proper care of extensions to keep them beautiful and long lasting. Here are the main rules of caring for hair extensions.

1. Detangle Your Hair Extensions.  

Some hair extensions should be removed before cleaning/going to bed such as clip-in hair extensions, so take out of it if needed. Then before washing/going to bed, use a wide-toothed comb or a wig brush to comb your hair extensions. But remember never comb straight down from roots to ends. 

2. Washing Hair Thoroughly.

Probably twice a week, you need to wash your hair extensions with gentle shampoo. We recommenced wash your hair gentle from the roots to the ends, and no rubbing for it can cause hair to tangle. Then rinse it thoroughly before using hair conditioner. Every time when you finish cleaning the hair extensions, please condition your hair but avoiding the root area and near the attachments. 

3. Best to Air Dry Hair Extensions. 

Squeeze your hair with soft towel, do not rub and do not brush them while they are wet. Then hang the extensions up in a well-ventilated area. Avoiding much heat damaging your hair, you’d better air dry your hair, although it will take longer, your hair will be healthier. However, if you have to use hairdryer in some occasions, you can spray heat protestant first, and then use a lower heat setting to dry your hair.

4. Brushing or Combing Patiently.

Avoid using the same comb that you brush your own hair, especially if your hair extensions are synthetic fiber. Choose a Wide-toothed comb and arrange your hair everyday correctly, never comb straight down from the top to the end. Be patient when combing your extensions, it will take your time, but if you rush, you may damage the hair.

5. Take Care When Using Heating Styling.

The hair extensions at our shop can be styled again, but it is best to avoid heat styling, for it may damage the hair, or cause them to tangle. If you must heat style your hair extensions, use a heat protecting spray and a lower temperature. If your extensions are made from synthetic fibers, please use no-heating styling method. One little tip, do not style your extensions before removing them from your head

6. Additional Hair Care Products.

Everything needs special care to ensure the nature look as before, the same as hair extensions. There are many products that are made for hair extensions weaves. A great idea is to use nature oils such as argan oil, coconut oil and other essential oils. They are cheap and safe, but you need to avoid the root parts of the extensions when using the hair care products.

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