Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

There is a truth said that cheapest is the dearest. When we compare the price between human hair and synthetic hair, we find a very obvious gap that synthetic hair extensions are always cheaper than human hair. But does that necessarily mean human hair extensions are better than synthetic fiber extensions? However, you must have heard another phrase, “What exists is reasonable.” So, if synthetic hair is really poor, it may quit the market soon after launching. In fact, synthetic hair has occupied a steady place in this field.

Whether the hair extensions are made from human or synthetic, they all can provide volume, length and undeniable glamour. But like all the coins have two sides, both two also have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. And that is the meaning of the coexistence. Today, we have rounded up their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the facts about human hair first.

Human Hair

The biggest advantage is the natural look, and natural feel, because it is nature human hair. Human hair is remarkably soft with a shine and movement not easily duplicated by synthetic hair. A more expensive option than synthetic extensions, human hair allows you to style it like your own hair with curls or bone straight with a durability that can last a year or more with the proper treatment. 

While as we all know, human hair products are definitely not inexpensive! Since it is natural hair, it would take you much more to style or maintain. Also it will react to weather conditions, your styles are likely to fall in the rain or humidity. So if you have a busy lifestyle or a tight budget, this may not be the good choice for you.

Synthetic Hair

Due to the affordable price, synthetic hair extensions are the first choices for many women. Synthetic hair has come a long way in the past decades, successive improvements and modification make that the look is pretty indistinguishable from human hair and the feel is pretty darn close. Also, unlike human hair, synthetic extensions have memory, that is to say, the style is pre-set and will hold its style regardless of the climate. So it requires little upkeep to maintain it.

However, the biggest disadvantage we come up with is what we think is its advantage. We don’t have to take time to style it since it has been set right and stayed that way. It means you can’t change the style or hair color of it. Although there are some heat-friendly synthetic options available. But most synthetic extensions will melt when exposed to heat, and sometimes even a blow-dryer may damage it. The last point, synthetic hair may last a relatively short time, approximately 1-3 months.

Although someone thought human hair is a much better investment in the long term if planning to wear hair system on a regular basis. But to decide which products is best for yourselves, please consider your lifestyle needs, then examine style, length, method of application and the most important one, your budget. Since both two have their pluses and minuses, ideally, you need both two types for different situations. 

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